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About Me.

Hi! My name is Fred Badham and I am a freelance Audio Engineer based in Cardiff, Wales.

I work in both film and theatre, providing services from location sound and post-production, to audio-visual and live engineering.

I have my own recording equipment, OFCOM radio licensed, transport, and full worldwide public liability insurance

I am also a certified user in both Pro Tools and Logic Digital Audio Workstations, but love working on other software too, including Reaper and Ableton Live for my solo electronic music.

Top guy, professional and great at his job! Saved us from plenty of sound jams. Highly recommend 👍🏼.

- Chris Deakin (Greennova Productions Ltd.) 

5 stars. Good time keeper. Knowledgeable about sound tech & post.

- Joe Murray (Let's Get There Productions Ltd.)

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Top dude, very approachable, level-headed on set and cracking at his job 👌

- Jordan Cottle (Actor)


On-set Recording

After months of pre-production and story boarding, it's time to shoot the film! Using industry standard equipment such as Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun mic and Sounddevices 633 recorder, I endeavour to capturer the highest quality audio on-set to save time and money during post-production.

Post Audio

It's a wrap! (well, maybe for the actors). Now to clean up the dialogue to make it as crisp as possible. I use iZoptope RX 6, an incredibly powerful audio cleaning tool with de-noise, de-resutle and a variety of other useful tools.

Once the film is complete I am able to mix in stereo or 5.1 surround sound.

Foley and Sound FX

Everyone understands sound effects can make a film sound exciting, and agreeably they play an integral part in enthralling and audience. But an often overlooked aspect is foley sound (post-recoded human noise, i.e. footsteps, cloth noise etc.). This takes a scene from looking moderate to a professional production; after all audio is half the picture.

My background in sound engineering is in studio work, so am able to provide services from producing to mixing.

I am a certified Logic Pro X 10.3 user, and highly proficient in using Pro Tools.



I have an array of instruments at my disposal, both real and virtual to compose unique and inspiring pieces for your project.

My primary listening in my own time consists of many different soundtracks, and take a lot of influence from composers such as Thomas Newman, Ramin Djawadi and Lorne Balfe to name a few.


My current fixed occupation is as Head Sound Technician at the Zen Bar, Cardiff. I have engineered for many bands down there, as well as freelance at other venues in Cardiff.




I'd love to hear from you about your project; lets make it sound professional.

Thank you for your message! I will get back to you shortly

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